About Lesacon

Meet the Directors

Helen Levy,

co-founder and Director of Lesacon, is a versatile professional with a passion for making an impact in the fields of technology, healthcare, and market research. After completing her studies in psychology at Stellenbosch University, she ventured to Germany, where she excelled as a Project Manager at Kantar Health, overseeing global clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Helen co-founded PPI (PharmaPrice International), a company specializing in project management and consultancy services for market research, market access, and pricing & reimbursement. Her dedication to serving the pharmaceutical sector remained steadfast. Helen's journey continued as she joined Accenture as a Global Specialist in Life Sciences and Healthcare Research, based in South Africa. Her expertise in these domains contributed to Accenture's commitment to innovation in the healthcare sector.

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, Helen collaborated with the European Space Agency (ESA) on a groundbreaking project for the implementation of eHealth in Sub-Saharan Africa. This endeavour merged her passion for healthcare with technological advancements, emphasizing her adaptability and commitment to driving positive change.

In addition to her professional achievements, Helen holds qualifications as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and has completed specialized certifications in Applied Artificial Intelligence from IBM, Business Implications of AI from EIT Digital, and Computational Social Science from UC Davis. Her well-rounded skill set enables her to approach challenges from multiple angles.

With a keen sense of global affairs, economics, and a talent for writing, Helen has been published in esteemed publications such as Finweek and WhatsUpDoc, where she shared her expertise and insights. Helen's diverse experiences and expertise make her a dynamic and accomplished professional, dedicated to leveraging her skills to bring about meaningful advancements in healthcare and related industries.

Dirk Schiemenz,

co-founder and Managing Director at Lesacon, is a highly experienced project and data manager with a focus on the energy, construction and ICT industries. With over 25 years of expertise, he has led complex projects in nuclear energy and data management systems for Vattenfall Europe Nuclear Energy, as well as contributed to renewable energy initiatives in South Africa.

In Germany, Dirk successfully developed and managed construction projects for engineering and construction companies. He holds a degree in Business Informatics and completed a certification as a Senior Project Manager (IPMA). Additionally, he possesses a Professional Certificate in IBM Applied AI and a Specialization in Software Product Management from the University of Alberta.

Dirk's dedication to innovation and sustainable solutions is evident in his accomplishments and he continues to drive progress in project management, data management, and the renewable energy fields. With his extensive experience, acute eye for detail and unwavering commitment, Dirk consistently delivers outstanding results and makes a significant impact in his professional endeavours.